DUTE protective film gives professional protection to your surfaces.

Products surface could be scratched during processing, transport, storage. It will decrease the worthiness of your products, even destroy your orders. It's very important to keep the perfect surface when you sell your products, for it will reduce the costs caused by damaged goods and improve the quality of your products.

With more than ten years experience, DUTE as a professional protection film manufacturer in China, offering the best solution to protect the quality of your products surfaces and preserve the value of your products, meanwhile improve your brand.


Why Choose Us

- All the production process finished in our own factory including extrusion, adhesive coating, printing, cutting and more. We control the quality during producing so you can always get high quality products.
- We have broadest products including Co-extruded protective films and Coated protective films with a wide array of adhesion, sizes and colors can be selected by different customers. Our protective film almost cover all the normal applications.
- Focus on technology innovation and service, provide best surface protection solution.

About Us

DUTE Industries Group is a industry group by family running in east of China. Our mainly products include surface protective film and rubber foam insulation tube. Starting with a small manufacturer since 2002, our group develops fast accompanied by China’s economic growth. Now we have invested...

About Factory

About Factory

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